Marian the Librarian

As I was shutting down my high school library on the last day of school this year, I found a hand-addressed letter in the mail. I expected it to be a check--another resigned parent paying for a copy of 1984 or Frankenstein that their student had lost during the course of the school year. What… Continue reading Marian the Librarian

Books and Reading

Immigrant Song: YA fiction on teens and immigration

“Immigration” is a charged word, never more so than in this current political climate. Like it or not, we all have associations on hearing the word. Some of us see rule-breakers, workplace usurpers, even terrorist threats. Some of us see hardworking people seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families. We see day-workers, restaurant kitchens,… Continue reading Immigrant Song: YA fiction on teens and immigration


Every Day I Write the Book

So, the long-distance relationship, or LDR for short. According to a recent statistical report (http://infographicjournal.com/long-distance-relationship-statistics-in-the-us/), 10% of US marriages now begin as LDRs, and 2.9% of marriages operate on a long-distance basis. The report estimates that 14 million couples are engaged in LDRs, that the average length of time couples live apart is 14 months,… Continue reading Every Day I Write the Book


I’m O.K., You’re O.K. Or Not.

Congratulating myself on my progressive attitude, I recently suggested to my 12-year-old that we watch Netflix’ Thirteen Reasons Why together. I was surprised when she answered, “I’ve already watched it, Mom—everybody has.” After furiously binge-watching it myself (I admit I'd only read a chapter of the Jay Asher novel on which it was based), I… Continue reading I’m O.K., You’re O.K. Or Not.